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I am a full stack web developer, mentor and a course creator

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Shruti Balasa

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In the last 8 years as a full-stack web developer, I have developed and delivered 200+ websites starting from static ones to full-fledged social networking sites and eCommerce websites.
Now, I'm a mentor and a course creator too.

Instructor at


Created course for
beginners on HTML & CSS

Mentor at


Mentoring aspiring
web developers

Worked on

iU eMagazine

iU eMagazine,
as the chief web developer

Worked on


Social networking site,
as the chief web developer

Worked at


Web development division,
as operations head

Worked at


As a quality analyst
hired as a fresher

Interned at


Was one among only four students
chosen from college

Graduated from


RVCE, Bangalore
with 9.2 CGPA

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Get your website / web app
developed today
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Learn to design websites
from scratch
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Course on HTML & CSS

For absolute beginners : Simple and step-by-step

4.5 hours video

30 days money back guarantee

Learn how to build websites from scratch using HTML & CSS in a completely practical way. No coding experience required!

By the end of this course, you will be able to build a simple neat website using these languages & make the website go live.

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